Feeling a bit ‘meh’ about 2023?

What’s one thing you can do today, that future you will be grateful for?

The start of every new year brings excitement, hope, possibility BUT it can be challenging too. AND when it’s beautiful weather, and the pool is calling, with a sundowner in hand, next to a Mezze board – it’s hard to focus on actual work (work, work NOR life-admin work) – who cares, let’s swim instead!

HOWEVER, you could do both! Swim, Mezz, cocktail AND determine what will have the greatest impact on the one thing that’s worrying you the most. This could be:

  • As everyone is doomsdaying about finances in 2023, for me freeing up personal budget for when the end of my mortgage fixed rate period is over is THE THING.

If this is you too, have a listen to my interview with….ABC Melbourne here – then TAKE ACTION ON ONE THING – negotiate with one of the suppliers from your budget (a call to your bank or mortgage broker perhaps?).


  • It might be that there’s a conversation you’ve been putting off and are now dreading – you’re either spending too much time thinking about it or, wishing it will have been forgotten over the break.

If this is you – no, it won’t be forgotten (by the other person). Consider your reputation, what do you want to be known for, and if it means having an uncomfortable conversation to clear the air. Do it! It won’t be worse than doing nothing.

OK, so whatever the situation is that’s worrying you, while sitting by the pool – STOP, FACE IT, and ask these 2 (and a half) questions:

  • What am I actually concerned about,
  • What WILL I do about it? (by when?)

THAT’s all it takes for future you, to be grateful to pool-side you!

If you’d like to invest a little more time to build your negotiation capability, sign up to our On Demand Program today, click here or our upcoming Conscious Negotiator Program.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pool (and the Mezze, and the cocktails)!!

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