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As a business leader, you recognise that your team’s ability to negotiate has a direct impact not only on your bottom line, but on how effectively they influence internal and external stakeholders, resolve challenges as well as contribute to a harmonious and effective work environment.

Our programs are designed to empower team members by equipping them with the framework, mindset and skills they need to negotiate more effective and efficient outcomes.

These are our key programs to help upskill your team members to become better negotiators:

In-House Negotiation Training

Our practical format is designed to rapidly upskill your teams. With scenarios customised to your team’s challenges, they be confident to drive better outcomes.

Conscious Negotiator Program

Our flagship live 5-week program equips senior leaders like you with the framework, mindset and skills to walk into any room prepared to negotiate what you want.

Influential Leader Coaching

You’ll be personally coached 1-on-1 by our lead strategist, Sam Trattles to transform into an influential leader, so you’ll be confident negotiating in any situation in your organisation.

Speaking with your audiences

Book Sam Trattles to speak at your company event, conference or podcast to inspire and empower your teams to shift their mindset and unlock their potential.

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The challenges you’re facing are unique, so if it’s easier to step through how we are best place to support you and your team, let’s talk about it.

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