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grow my business

As a business owner you recognise that your ability to negotiate effectively has a direct impact on your bottom line, but the process of it can leave you feeling anxious, frustrated and/or out of your depth.

Our programs are designed to transform you into an empowered negotiator who can walk into any room prepared to negotiate better outcomes for you and your business.

These are our key programs to help you grow your business by becoming a better negotiator:

The Non-Negotiables Club

This is a club like no other – a place to get better at negotiating by practicing with other’s like you, who want help to get clear on your non-negotiables.

Conscious Negotiator Program

Our flagship live 5-week program equips senior leaders like you with the framework, mindset and skills to walk into any room prepared to negotiate what you want.

Pricing for Profit Program

Our personalised 4-week program, where you’ll craft an effective pricing and packaging strategy, so you’ll be in a strong position to negotiate your worth with confidence.

High Stakes Deal Support

If you’re facing a high stakes deal and feel stuck, or out of your depth, we’ll help you build a strategic approach to secure the best possible outcome from the negotiation.

Rather chat about it...

Everyone’s needs are different, especially business owners, so let’s talk about the negotiation challenge you’re facing.

Meanwhile, grab a copy of Sam’s book Negotiate Your Worth, specifically for business owners to help them to confidently negotiate their worth.