High Stakes Deal Support

Are you facing a game changer deal and unsure how you’re going to negotiate your way through it? Game changer deals are those that will have a significant impact on you or your business – whether positive or negative. So, getting it right matters.

If you’re facing a BIG DEAL and feeling out of your comfort zone due to a lack of strategic negotiation capability, we can help through our High Stakes Deal Support Program.

Sam will work with you (and your team) to build a strategic approach to getting the best possible outcome.

The approach is tailored based on your current capabilities, confidence levels and skillset within your existing team.

Each deal is different, so this program is fully developed to suit your circumstances and deadlines.

Our aim is to support you to navigate the negotiation process with less stress, giving you the edge you need to secure a great deal (or to know when to walk away).

During the execution of this program you will notice your capability and confidence grow, preparing you to enter future negotiations with less stress and more satisfaction.

What's included

It’s sometimes hard to know how long a deal will take, although our data shows deals are typically delivered across 12-weeks, so we take a rolling approach.

This program is delivered in a 6-session cycle – the regularity of the sessions depends on the deadline of your negotiation. Each session will have a structured approach aligned to the current stage of the deal.

What others say about this program

I was in the middle of a big negotiation and felt like I was being steam rolled and didn’t know what to do. I’m so grateful to be introduced to Sam who helped me take back control of the situation and lock in an outcome I’m VERY happy with.
Thanks to Sam I came out of the negotiating with more than double as much as I would have without her, AND greater confidence to do it again and again.
The lawyers had failed, the mediators had failed, but in working with Sam we got the deal done, amazing.

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