The Conscious Negotiator Program

Walk into any room prepared to negotiate more of what you want.

Say goodbye to fumbling your way through negotiations and uncomfortable conversations, instead learn the framework that can turn any awkward negotiator into an empowered one in just 5 weeks.

Next program - 4th September 2024

Your challenge with negotiating isn’t due to personality, it’s more likely due to process, or lack of…

As a business owner or senior leader, you recognise that your ability to negotiate has a direct impact, not only on your bottom line, but on how effectively you manage your teams, influence your stakeholders, resolve disputes and create an effective work environment.

You recognise that this is an essential business and life skill that can help you make money, save money and create harmony.

Yet you find the idea of it stressful, confronting and more than a little unnerving.

Does this sound familiar?

The truth is if you want to negotiate with less stress and more satisfaction, you don’t need to change your personality, you just need to apply the right process and mindset.

I came into this program with a real lack of confidence in my ability to negotiate and almost a huge fear of it. Conscious Negotiator created a huge mindset shift and completely transformed how I approach it. It showed me how to articulate the value I bring which has made all the difference.

Introducing the Conscious Negotiator

In this program you’ll learn our strategic framework and how to apply it in any situation. Which will have you negotiating with less stress and more satisfaction in just 5 weeks.

5 x 90 minute LIVE weekly sessions

We know your time is precious, so we’ve packed everything you need to know into 5 live zoom sessions across 5 weeks. It’s a souped-up meeting you leave with an action plan, so you’ll see results immediately.

1-on-1 coaching with expert negotiators

During the program you’ll work through current negotiations you’re challenged by to the table. We’ll provide individual support, as well as input from the small cohort of like-minded senior leaders in the group.

Practical and interactive experience

Each session is interactive, designed with a blend of learning our approach and plenty of opportunities to put the framework into practice, ready for negotiating in the ‘real world’ between sessions.

We understand when thinking about investing in a program like this, you’ll have questions, so let’s chat…

Even as an experienced business professional who is in negotiations all the time, I found the Conscious Negotiator program to be hugely valuable, especially the practical tools you receive. Beyond the knowledge Other Side’s negotiating experts share, it is a brilliant bespoke peer-learning program, customised to the participants who share real life examples of what works and how to better your negotiating skills.

Here is what we will cover:

In the first session we will completely shift your perspective of what a negotiation actually is, dispel the common misconceptions that have kept you in the non-negotiator’s mindset and make you aware of the incredible opportunities and possibilities that are available to you when you go through life knowing that you can negotiate almost anything – even if you think you’ve not very good at it.

We will also introduce the four stages for a good negotiation using our APEC framework which will form the backbone of the program. We kick things off with A – for ACCEPT.

In the second session we launch into part one of the PREPARE stage, which is focused on your approach to being ready for all negotiations you set in to.

  • Unpacking our PREPARE Cheatsheet
  • How and what to will research
  • Key questions to ask yourself
  • Clarifying your non-negotiables

In session 3 we continue our focus on PREPARE, but now you’ll be using the PREPARE Cheatsheet to get ready for a key negotiation you are challenged with.

  • Learn to effectively ask for what you want, in ways that’s clear to the other person.
  • Leverage the experience and perspective of the group by workshopping and refining your approach.
  • Finalise the plan for how you’ll approach this negotiation.
  • Tactics for ensuring you can build a strong case for support.

Session 4 takes us into a focus on how you confidently ENGAGE in negotiations. This is often the most stressful part of the experience, so we focus on key tactics to help you remain calm and focused on what you need.

  • Techniques for reducing stress when you’re in the room.
  • Step through a mock negotiation to help build your confidence.
  • Explore ways to frame your narrative so the other party will ‘hear it’.
  • Identify ways to read the room and tactics for reducing tension.

Our fifth and final session will be all about the CLOSE, a piece often overlooked. We’ll unpack how to ensure there is no ambiguity about the way forward.

  • How to CLOSE the deal, knowing it’s done or we are walking away.
  • What to do if you don’t get the result you wanted.
  • Tips on how to deal with unexpected questions at this stage of the negotiation.
  • A plan of action for where you will implement what you’ve learnt beyond the end of the program.
The PREPARE Cheatsheet has changed my negotiations forever! I use it to guide my approach as it helps me think everything through from both sides.

You will learn through a combination of:

You will walk away with:

The Conscious Negotiator program supported me to secure the largest deal in my consultancy business. Sam Trattles changed my entire experience of negotiating through mindset shifts and the practical applications of the APEC steps.

Outcomes you can expect:


Walk into any room feeling empowered and prepared to negotiate for what you want with ease.

Be more influential by learning how to tell stories in ways that get people onboard.

Feel empowered and prepared to negotiate the outcome you’re seeking, in ways that suit you.

Negotiate your way – without confrontation or having to change your personality.

And you’ll consciously decide to step up to more negotiation tables, fearlessly.

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Julia Villiotis, Founder and Director

“It would be some of the best money I’ve ever spent on professional development.”

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Terri Martin, Founder and CEO

“Absolutely do it! At times when we’re looking for ROI, this course 100% will deliver.”

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Alfred Chidembo, Charity Founder and Coach

“I don’t shy away from those situations where I have to negotiate my own worth.”

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Jodie Bignall, CEO

“I thought I was a great negotiator, but I learnt a lot more than I thought I would!”

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Nikki Horton, Executive Sports Leader

“Be more prepared which makes it a lot less stressful, and often a better outcome.” 

Are you ready to unlock the negotiator within you?

9.15am Wednesday 4th September 2024

$2,950 + GST

Senior leaders, business owners 

I liked meeting and hearing from people outside of my usual environment/work setting…to hear other perspectives.

Your instructors

Sam Trattles, our Founder

Sam Trattles is the driving force behind Other Side of the Table, where we empower more Australians to go for what they want and negotiate better outcomes – in the classroom, the living room, and in the boardroom.

With a distinguished corporate background Sam held senior leadership roles in marketing and sponsorships across Australia and the UK.

Sam has negotiated over $525M worth of deals, cementing her as a sought-after authority in the field of negotiating.

She’s the author of two books, “I Love Negotiating” and “Negotiate Your Worth”, practical guides to negotiating better outcomes in work and life. Her negotiation philosophy is a breath of fresh air for those who shy away from uncomfortable conversations.

Sam Trattles is not just a negotiator, she’s a catalyst for change, she’s on a mission is to see negotiation skills included in the national school curriculum to help transform us from a nation of ‘non-negotiators’, into empowered individuals who can confidently negotiate in any situation.

I’d love to do it, but…

How!?! 90% of senior leaders that join us for the Conscious Negotiator program have had to rely on trial and error as their only training for this vital life skill, so you won’t be alone or look silly.

You absolutely don’t. We teach you how to negotiate your way without manipulative or aggressive tactics.

We understand, but it is fun! It’s our favourite program because the curriculum allows for everyone to share their experiences and to take time to see how small shifts can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with negotiating. This approach means we have time to look at situations through a different (more enjoyable) lens.

Your company might be able to provide financial support. We’ve put together an email template to send to your boss. Schedule FREE Discovery Call and we’ll also talk you through this template.

If you can’t make it this time, get on the waitlist for the next program OR chat to us about our other coaching products.

Still have questions?

We understand when thinking about investing in a program like this, you’ll have questions, so let’s chat. Book in a time that suits you and we’ll even help triage a negotiation challenge your currently facing. Lock it in here.