Advocating Change

We believe negotiating is a fundamental life skill that needs to be taught in our schools.

Why? Because good negotiators are good communicators and good communication is critical for success in the real world.

Through our thought leadership, keynote speaking and training programs, we aim to help more people learn how to get comfortable engaging in uncomfortable conversations – specifically the negotiations that matter.

To become good negotiators we all need to push aside some of the cultural taboos that hold us back from having healthy debate. This means getting comfortable talking about:

  1. what we do want (without being seen as pushy),
  2. what we don’t want (without being seen as being difficult), and
  3. talking about money (without it being considered rude).

Doing all this will mean we’ll be able to discuss challenging topics through a curious and constructive lens, rather than to see it as a fight we need to win.

Most of us have learned this skill through trial and error, so learning the skills to negotiate effectively can reduce apprehension, anxiety and avoidance of the process.

Building this capability in young people will:

  • have positive impacts on how they treat each other,
  • empower our youth to articulate what they do and don’t want, and
  • improve the way our inter-generational workforces engage with each other.
  • increase the chances of our (future) leaders being able to affect real change by engaging in healthy debate.
  • and more.

At Other Side, we’re working towards on ways negotiation skills can be taught as part of the school curriculum.

AND, we’d appreciate your help – please give us 3 minutes to complete this survey that we’ll be sharing the anonymous finds with decision makers.

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