At Other Side of the Table, we want you to negotiate with confidence and to enjoy it, rather than dread it. 
With us by your side, you’ll start to see yourself as a negotiator and begin to embrace more opportunities to influence people and outcomes with confidence.

Empowering you to negotiate more of what you want.

We’ll help you to negotiate your way

A big part of what we do is teach you to negotiate in a way that feels natural to you – without being confrontational or apologetic.

You don’t need to become a different person to get the outcomes you want – you simply need to be prepared with the right tools and information. 

Because you’re in good hands

Our Vision

We want to create a world where everyone knows how to negotiate fair and reasonable outcomes.

Our Mission

To empower people to confidently negotiate in any situation.

Our guiding Principles

We believe anyone can learn to negotiate great outcomes. Being true to yourself, having an open mind and a flexible plan, we can help you influence people and outcomes with ease.

With this in mind, here are our guiding principles for how we do what we do:

This thinking helps us continue to enjoy what we do, as we empower others to find the joy in negotiating good outcomes.

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Meet our team

Sam Trattles, our Founder

Sam Trattles is the driving force behind Other Side of the Table, where we empower more Australians to go for what they want and negotiate better outcomes – in the classroom, the living room, and in the boardroom.

With a distinguished corporate background Sam held senior leadership roles in marketing and sponsorships across Australia and the UK.

Sam has negotiated over $525M worth of deals, cementing her as a sought-after authority in the field of negotiating.

She’s the author of two books, “I Love Negotiating” and “Negotiate Your Worth”, practical guides to negotiating better outcomes in work and life. Her negotiation philosophy is a breath of fresh air for those who shy away from uncomfortable conversations.

Sam Trattles is not just a negotiator, she’s a catalyst for change, she’s on a mission is to see negotiation skills included in the national school curriculum to help transform us from a nation of ‘non-negotiators’, into empowered individuals who can confidently negotiate in any situation.

Sarah Procajlo (Nee Sugar)

As our Negotiation Strategist – Commercial Partnerships & Stewardship, at Other Side, Sarah believes in creating long-term ‘sticky’ partnerships that deliver great outcomes for both brands.

Sarah’s built up 12 years’ experience in commercial partnerships, project management, sponsorship activation and naming rights rebrands, across the sport and entertainment industries. She’s led a variety of sponsorship programs, including multimillion-dollar deals for sporting teams, major events and Australia’s #1 Arena, Qudos Bank Arena. Her breadth of knowledge is top to bottom – from creation of sponsorship strategy through to day-to-day stewardship of partnerships.

Sarah’s negotiation style (and general style) is inclusive, pragmatic, and calm. She’s positive and proactive, with a solution-led approach and excels in building incredibly strong, healthy long-term client and partner relationships.

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Advocating Change

We believe negotiating is a fundamental life skill that needs to be taught in our schools.

Why? Because good negotiators are good communicators and good communication is critical for success in the real world.

Through our thought leadership, keynote speaking and training programs, we aim to help more people learn how to get comfortable engaging in uncomfortable conversations – specifically negotiations.

Good communication is often restricted by what society deems as ‘good behaviour’, what are ‘appropriate topics’ to speak about, and which ones are ‘not appropriate’.

So, to become a good negotiator we all just need to push aside these cultural taboos to talk about our worth. We need to get comfortable talking about what we do want, and learning to articulate what we don’t want, so we’re able to discuss challenging topics through a curious and constructive lens, rather than to see it as a fight we need to win.

Most of us have learned this skill through trial and error, so learning the skills to negotiate effectively can reduce apprehension, anxiety and avoidance of the process.

Building this capability in young people will have positive impacts on how they treat each other, it will empower our youth to articulate what they do and don’t want, and it will improve the way our inter-generational workforces engage with each other.

Meanwhile, we’re also working towards the day we’ll see negotiation skills taught as part of the school curriculum. If you are in a position to help, please get in touch today!

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Client Feedback
I’m so grateful for your advice and hard work in helping pull together a strong way forward for the corporate team. We’ve gone from zero to substance in 5 months.
Tropfest was a huge success in its first year in Parramatta, largely thanks to all of your effort. There were many challenging moments and curve balls along the way, but you took them in your stride, and it showed in the final result. You were instrumental in making this happen.
Other Side of the Table have made a real impact that will put us in a better place for the future. Apart from anything else, you model a level of professionalism and care that sets the bar at a level to which I think we all aspire!
We were nervous even approaching an exit from these deals, but the strategy you laid out, and your support in negotiating the outcome, made it easier, thanks for your hard work.
We were nervous even approaching an exit from these deals, but the strategy you laid out, and your support in negotiating the outcome, made it easier, thanks for your hard work.
Thank you to you all for your hard work throughout this project. It’s been a great success and we’re looking forward to making the portfolio even bigger and better.
You’ve made such an impact on our Strategic Partnership Team’s mindset and the way they approach these deals – and we’re only just beginning, thank you!