Pricing for Profit Program

Are you an exhausted business owner, tired of grappling with the balancing act of negotiating price and client expectations? We have the solution!

As a service-based business owner, you pour your heart and soul into delivering outstanding work for your clients. But are you truly being compensated for the value you provide?

If you grapple with pricing challenges, find discussing money feels awkward money, and constantly feel undervalued but the through of negotiating your true worth feels you with dread – it’s time for a game-changing solution.

At Other Side of the Table, we understand the unique challenges business owners face when negotiating rates. That’s why our Pricing for Profit Program has been created specifically for you…

Imagine a business where you...

This program equips you with the ability to confidently negotiate your worth, without having to play hard ball.

WARNING: You might even begin to enjoy the negotiating process after this program.

How it works...

In this personalised program, you’ll work 1-on-1 with our lead strategist, Sam Trattles, to prepare you for these crucial negotiations. We’ll co-create an effective approach so you’ll negotiate your worth with confidence.

You’ll emerge empowered to lead productive, collaborative pricing discussions with clients and prospects that will be delivered authentically by you.

Don’t let another quarter of frustration pass by – if you know you’re worth more, manage pushbacks effortlessly, and let’s get started!

What others say about this program

I used to be embarrassed to ask for ‘high rates’, but Sam helped me see my value. Now, my profit margins are up, and clients appreciate my honest conversations about money.
I knew our margins were being eroded, but didn’t know how to change it. Now we’re transparent about our fees, and have increased our profits, without losing any clients!
This program helped me recreate the way we offer our services that makes complete sense to clients, and me. No more clunky, ‘it sort of costs this’, conversations. Thank you so much Sam!
My confidence levels are so much higher, I actually enjoy negotiations with clients now!

Let's get started today...

Take the first step by booking a consultation to learn more about our Pricing for Profit Program.

Email us to tell us you want to start negotiating your worth today! Or click HERE to book in a time now.

If this isn’t for you (at this time), grab a copy of Sam’s book Negotiate Your Worth, specifically for business owners to help them to confidently negotiate their worth.