Influential Leader Coaching Program

Good leadership is not about having the buck always stopping at your feet, it’s about focusing on your needs first then, inspiring and influencing people to achieve great things, together.

To achieve these great things, good leaders must effectively negotiate good outcomes, especially as it’s estimated that people leaders invest up to 80% of their time negotiating! So, your ability to successfully influence others hinges on your ability to negotiate good outcomes.

To do this, you don’t have to be the loudest in the room or a type A personality – but you do need to be a good communicator, a great listener and have an empathetic and curious mindset.

In this program, we'll explore:

If you’d like to enhance your leadership capability by focusing on improving your influence and negotiation skills our Influential Leader Coaching Program may be just what you need.

What's included

Coaching is all about you. This program is tailored to your individual situation and needs, we’ll begin by setting your goals, then evolve the focus each month based on successes and learnings.

Here’s what’s involved:

What others say about this program

This program helped me see leadership challenges VERY differently. I realised I was taking more of a back seat than I wanted to because I was worried about being ‘nice’. Thank you for being my truth teller.
My confidence levels are so much higher now, I actually enjoy preparing for negotiations now!, Simone – Banking Business Unit Lead
Before working with Sam I was overwhelmed (and frustrated) by the number of people I had to influence every day, and how to achieve project success while maintaining any sort of work-life balance. Thank you!

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