Our training programs have been developed using insights from our team, leveraging our 50 years of combined negotiation experience, with something to suit all levels, needs and ambitions.

Conscious Negotiator

The Conscious Negotiator Program is a peer learning experience, delivered virtually via Zoom, and facilitated by our negotiation experts.

Designed for senior leaders who find negotiating awkward or uncomfortable but want to learn how to negotiate with confidence.

In this 5-week program you’ll learn the fundamentals of negotiating and how to apply our practical methodology to positively impact your approach to negotiating with immediate impact.

As we step through the theory, tools and techniques, you’ll implement what you learn each week, sharing successes and learnings with your peers and our negotiation experts.

Building your confidence by practicing what you learn, the aim of the course is to empower you to consciously engage in more negotiations, both professionally and personally with consistently great results.

The next program kicks off on 18th of May 2022

5 Weeks | Virtual | $2,950

Business Negotiation Fundamentals

Our Business Negotiation Fundamentals online training course is the companion program to Sam Trattles’ latest book – Negotiate Your Worth.

It’s ideal for business owners who want to become empowered to negotiate better outcomes for their business.

Over the nine modules you’ll learn about the characteristics of powerful business negotiators, through the lens of native Aussie animals. You’ll discover which strengths you share and learn how to improve your negotiation capability to start driving results from today.

We expand on content and concepts from the book with additional examples, case studies and more.

Watch the introductory video to learn what you can expect from the course, then register your interest to learn how to ‘Negotiate your Worth’. We’ll notify you when the program goes live.


Negotiation Fundamentals

Our Negotiation Fundamentals online training course is the companion program to Sam Trattles’ first book – I Love Negotiating.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to improve their negotiation capability, so you can negotiate great outcomes with confidence.

Across the ten, short-form, modules this practical course will guide you through a process to change your thinking and learn how to get what you want.

This format brings the book’s concepts to life with additional examples, downloads, case studies and more.

Watch the introductory video to learn what you can expect from the course, then sign up and start learning to love negotiating.

Next course starts whenever you’re ready


Client Feedback
I negotiate in my job all the time, but this program gave me a different view of negotiating and tools to create better outcomes – with less stress.
The tools in this program have change my negotiations forever! I use them to guide my approach as it helps me think everything through from both sides – giving me confidence and helping them to see I understand their position.
This changed my mindset when it comes to negotiating! I’ve been able to fine-tune my skills, arm myself with a range of tactics and approaches, I now feel much more confident and in control when negotiating.
A great balance of learning and practical work that I’ll be able to take away and put straight into practice. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get ahead if they deal with sponsors in their day to daywork life.
A basic everyday skill that is overlooked. The framework and binning the “win/win” mentality was a game changer for me, cant wait to put into practice EVERYTHING I have learnt!
I negotiate as part of my job but found the course gave me a different view of a negotiation and tools to create better outcomes.

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