Negotiation Strategy

Stop the confidence crunch

Navigating the key moments… Confidence is an annoying little beast, it has the potential to hold us in good stead, or waiver when we least expect it, at key moments. When negotiating, this can be the difference between actively participating, or choking at the start

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Negotiating the ASK

3 steps to get them to invest (in you). To help you confidently step into a negotiation, let’s walk through our 3-step process to prepare to make the ASK… STEP ONE: ANALYSE YOUR REQUESTApproach this phase with a positive mindset, envision a scenario where the

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Ever been accused of being aggressive? Same.

Many times in my corporate career I was accused of being aggressive, or too aggressive, pff, what a joke! Annoyingly in the earlier parts of my career I didn’t have the words to rebuke these comments, so I just retreated to my box and shut my mouth, thinking ‘they

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Feeling a bit ‘meh’ about 2023?

What’s one thing you can do today, that future you will be grateful for? The start of every new year brings excitement, hope, possibility BUT it can be challenging too. AND when it’s beautiful weather, and the pool is calling, with a sundowner in hand,

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Great listeners are great negotiators

Great listeners are great negotiators Every negotiation can be made smoother by making a conscious decision to listen more intently. It’s important to enter a negotiation with clarity about what you want and why you’re entitled to it. But you may be overcomplicating these discussions

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When NOT to negotiate

It does seem strange that we would suggest there are times when you should consider not negotiating. Let’s face it, we do it for fun, as well as because it’s our job. However, the reality is, there are times when negotiating is either not necessary

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She’ll be right is not a negotiation tactic

‘She’ll be right mate’ is not a negotiation tactic As women marched for acknowledgment of the cavernous void between the genders, in March 2021, I ponder – how far have we come since the Suffragettes took a stand? Why is it so hard to affect

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Negotiator Profile Quiz

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  • This tool will give you an understanding of what type of negotiator you currently are.

    The questions will take just a few minutes to complete, and you will receive an outline of your negotiator profile at the end.

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Negotiator Strengths Self-Assessment

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It’s time to identify where your negotiator strengths lie, and to discover where you should focus your energy to improve your business negotiation capabilities.

This self-assessment is about the negotiator you are today, not the one you want to be, so as you work your way through each statement, sit in it, take your time to reflect on your typical response and give it a true assessment rating. It may be challenging but be honest.

Assessment Scale

Read through each question then think about how much the behaviour or situation sounds like you.

Consider if this sounds: least like you; a bit like you; or like you most of the time – in most situations around and at the deals table.

Take your time, but don’t over think it.

Below each question select how you score it on this scale:


1 = Least2 = A Bit3 = Mostly