#BeBoldForChange Ask This Simple Question

Today, of all days, is the day to be empowered by the men and women around you that know the power of being valued for what you do.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is Be Bold For Change, so keep it simple – use it as a reason to start a conversation that might highlight how you are valued.

Just throw it out there with your manager – ask this simple question: “The statistics show that men earn 17% more than women, is that the case in our team?”

I did this with a manager once and their face said it all, I had always had my suspicions, but until that moment I didn’t know. Initially I was buoyed by the knowledge that I was right, then within seconds I was frustrated that my effort was valued lower than my direct (male) counterpart, who did exactly the same job as me!!

But thanks to this one question it was out there. My manager and I knew the problem to solve to ensure my job satisfaction kept me focussed on delivering for the business, it couldn’t be ignored. We agreed to solve it together. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

As a known challenge, you have a reason to raise it again and again and it really is a test of your manager and your company’s dedication to staff being the heart of the business – and your value in it.

One little question can make a difference today. #beboldforchange

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