She’ll be right is not a negotiation tactic

‘She’ll be right mate’ is not a negotiation tactic

As women marched for acknowledgment of the cavernous void between the genders, in March 2021, I ponder – how far have we come since the Suffragettes took a stand? Why is it so hard to affect change?

Firstly, we have to acknowledge that something is broken – the government is broken. ‘She’ll be right’ might have been accepted in times past, but it isn’t an appropriate approach to the solutions we now face.

Is Australia a leader or a follower? What sort of country do we want to leave our children?

We can’t leave them with the same one we inherited.

If we want to affect change we need to seek it out, be open-minded, and listen.

Rather than doggedly continuing with the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude; listening to a diversified group of thinkers, strategists, and influencers is the way forward, and then put a plan into action.

Time to think in a negotiation

Consider a negotiation from all angles

Take your time in a negotiation

Practice with little requests daily

It’s not personal

Negotiate or get left behind

Here is a article recently published via Linked In about why you should be negotiating more regularly, and stop avoiding it: Negotiate or get left behind

Nobody wants to get left behind!