Make the most of every deal you invest in.

Behind every successful deal is a sound strategy and a confident negotiator with the ability to secure a fair and reasonable exchange in value

Because it's worth a great deal.


At Other Side of the Table, we work with business leaders, rights holders and corporate brands to transform the way you approach the deals table, negotiate your worth and secure great results.

We do this through: 

CAPABILITY BUILDING – Empowering your team to negotiate better outcomes with ease.

STRATEGIC GROWTH – Exploring every possibility to develop a strategic approach to help you achieve your goals.

ADVOCATING CHANGE – Changing the way Australian’s think, feel and approach negotiating.


Our training programs have been created to transform the way you and your team approach negotiating.

You’ll learn how our methodology can guide all your negotiations like never before. You’ll also be armed with tools, tips and techniques to help you learn to love negotiating (or at least not to hate it, or avoid it any longer).


Strategic negotiator, author and Founder of Other Side of the Table Sam Trattles believes negotiating is a fundamental life skill we should all learn, in order to reduce the stress surrounding these situations, in business and all aspects of life. She’s written two books sharing her expertise to help you become a more competent and confident negotiator. 

Each book introduces her unique approach to negotiating, helping you learn how to consciously and comfortably negotiate, while pushing past societal taboos and embracing uncomfortable conversations, to improve your negotiation success.


As well being a published author and negotiation powerhouse Sam Trattles is a keynote speaker, regularly addresses audiences to share her unique approach to negotiating, and to advocate change.

She believes everyone can become a good negotiator, we just need to be taught how. Negotiators who work towards a fair and reasonable exchange of value will secure greater outcomes, with less stress and more joy.

Sam is passionate about adding negotiation skills to the school curriculum, so our next generation will be comfortable to ask for what they want and say what they don’t want. As this ability to embrace uncomfortable conversations will have society-wide implications.