Negotiate  better outcomes

with less stress

and more satisfaction.

Other Side of the Table, empowering you to
negotiate more of what you want.

Want to understanding of what type of negotiator you are?

Picture this: you, striding into any room clear on what you want, what you'll say and how you'll get it.

We’re here to help you make this your ‘new normal’.
If you’re among the 87% who have the negotiation jitters – it’s time to rethink what’s possible.
Negotiating may seem daunting, but it’s your key to making more, saving more, and creating more harmony – in your business dealings and all aspects of your life.
If, even the idea of negotiating stresses you out, confuses you, or seems easier to avoid, fear not—we’ve got your back. Need to influence people and outcomes without the exhaustion? We’re here for you.
Our programs and consulting help business leaders, business owners, teams and individuals to negotiate with less stress and more satisfaction, so that you can get more of what you want.
Empowering you with the right mindset, skills, and strategy so you can confidently walk into any room and secure the outcome you want.
Ready to unleash the negotiator within you? We’re here for that transformation. Don’t settle for less – make more, save more, and create more harmony in your work and life, effortlessly.
Let’s make this your ‘new normal’.

We can help you to...

…get better at negotiating

…grow your business through negotiating

…upskill your team in negotiating

…boost your sport’s revenues

What it’s like to work with the Other Side team…

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Negotiating is More Than a BIG DEAL

It’s your way to unlocking more money, more savings and more harmony.

If you don’t think negotiating is a big part of what you do already – think again. You negotiate with your team, with your stakeholders, with your suppliers and even with your family.

It’s not only part of your everyday life, it’s also the key to growing your business, your career and creating a more empowered life.

BUT, are you any good at negotiating?

With Other Side, getting better at it is easier than you think.
We help reframe your mindset, empower you through our proven methodology and give you ways to practice so that you can confidently ask for more of what you want.





We believe negotiating is a fundamental life skill that needs to be taught in our schools.

Why? Because good negotiators are good communicators and good communication is critical for success in the real world.

At Other Side, we’re working towards on ways negotiation skills can be taught as part of the school curriculum.

Join the movement and share your experiences today!