Keynote Speaking

Speaking to audiences around the world, Sam advocates for change through her characteristically conscious approach to negotiation.

About Sam

Sam Trattles partners with international brands, founders and business leaders to shift their mindset and unlock their true negotiation potential.

Different to what we’ve traditionally heard about negotiating, for Sam, the goal of a good negotiation is one that finishes with a fair and reasonable exchange of value (and it’s definitely not a fight).

Sam believes everyone can and should be able to successfully navigate negotiations – the key is in getting comfortable having uncomfortable conversations.

Sam’s mission is to help more people, of all ages, learn to LOVE negotiating!

Keynote Topics

Why we need negotiation on the school curriculum

Teaching Aussie kids how to negotiate will help shape a society of adults who can communicate with confidence. Knowing how to articulate what you want, as well as what you don’t want, can provide a young person with inner strength and calm.

The importance of building negotiation capability at every level in business

Good negotiators are good communicators – being proficient in this skill encourages your team to work through challenges, and their differences, in healthy ways, that deliver great outcomes for all.

Why winning is not the goal in negotiating

Instead, you should be seeking a fair and reasonable exchange in value. This approach opens up the opportunity for a conversation, not a fight!

Client Feedback
THANK YOU – was a great session. Will transform the way we approach partnerships.
Well done on the great feedback. It seems that you hit the mark with the message and the practical examples. Always great to see a range of tangible, relevant commitments emerging. You are setting the bar high for future presenters. Thanks again.