We support business leaders, rights holders and brands to create robust and practical commercial partnership strategies.

We work collaboratively with you to remove barriers to success, create a clear strategic direction and provide a practical road map to help your team unlock the value in your deals.

We do this through:

BUILDING CAPABILITY  – Empowering your team to negotiate better outcomes with ease.

STRATEGIC GROWTH – Exploring every possibility to develop a strategic approach to help you achieve your goals.

ADVOCATING CHANGE – Changing the way Australian’s think, feel and approach negotiating.

For Business Leaders

When you’re facing a game-changing deal you want to know you’ll leave the table with the best outcome for you, or your business. 

But, if you feel enormous pressure at the thought of negotiating a big deal, it could be holding back your success.

If talking about money, and your worth, causes you significant stress, you may be leaving dollars on the table rather than face those uncomfortable conversations.  

It doesn’t have to be that way.

How we can help

Call on our Tactical Response Service when you’re facing a BIG DEAL, feeling a little out of your comfort zone, and would like to bolster your negotiation capability. Support to work through a deal where the outcome will really change things for you, so getting it right really matters.

  • We’ll work with you to create a strategic approach to the negotiation, removing the barriers to your success with a practical road map, so you can step up to the deals table with confidence. 
  • You can also engage our experts to negotiate as an integrated part of your team, so we manage the ‘awkward bits’ in the room – especially important for big deals, or deals you’re exiting.
    • This live deal support is another way to bolster your team’s capability, with them seeing first hand good negotiation tactics in action.

Perfect for: anyone facing a significant negotiation needing strategic support (prior to or in the room).

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What clients say

We were nervous even approaching an exit from these deals, but the strategy you laid out, and your support in negotiating the outcome, made it easier, thanks for your hard work.

For Rights Holders

To negotiate great deals, you need a partnership strategy that empowers your team. Driving revenues from these deals is challenging and in a competitive environment, there is often little time to be strategic.

Under-resourced teams tend to take a scattergun approach due to pressure from above. Increasing revenues with an ‘any deal counts’ approach can produce results, but a lack of clarity on the true costs of each deal may mean your commercial partnerships could be actually costing you money.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

How we can help

Our Go to Market Strategy Programs have been designed to help you approach partnerships with confidence, negotiate deals without hesitation and steward relationships for the long-haul.

  • By reviewing your current approach and considering your future aspirations we’ll create a go-to-market plan that makes strategic and financial sense.
  • With clarity on the value you deliver to brands, and associated costs, your team will know where there is (and isn’t) flexibility so they can confidently negotiate deals that drive significant growth.
  • Your team will be armed with practical tools, templates and frameworks to support enduring results.
  • This sustainable partnership model will help your team drive revenues that truly grow your bottom line, building and stewarding them into long-term, ‘sticky’ partnerships.

Perfect for: Sports, Arts and Charity leaders looking to reshape your approach to revenue generation.

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What clients say

I’m so grateful for your advice and hard work in helping pull together a strong way forward for the corporate team. We’ve gone from zero to substance in 5 months.
Tropfest was a huge success in its first year in Parramatta, largely thanks to all of your effort. There were many challenging moments and curve balls along the way, but you took them in your stride, and it showed in the final result. You were instrumental in making this happen.
Other Side of the Table have made a real impact that will put us in a better place for the future. Apart from anything else, you model a level of professionalism and care that sets the bar at a level to which I think we all aspire!

For Brands

When partnerships consume a large percentage of your marketing spend, it’s imperative they drive significant returns aligned with you broader marketing and business objectives. However, often a brand’s sponsorship portfolio has been built over time, based on what the leadership team are personally interested in, rather than what makes good strategic or commercial sense.

As a result, it feels like some deals become a waste of your increasingly tight budget, rather than an opportunity to create value and drive commercial returns.

With many conflicting priorities it’s likely you know your portfolio needs a shake up, however, you struggle to determine which deals to exit, renegotiate or grow, without the risk of negative impacts to you or your brand from your internal or external stakeholders.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

How we can help

Our Partnership Portfolio Redesign Program has been created to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio, redefine the strategic purpose of this channel, and help your team confidently negotiate high performing deals and leverage campaigns that deliver significant ROI.

  • By objectively assessing the effectiveness of the deals within your portfolio we’ll identify strengths, gaps and weaknesses in delivering against your objectives.
  • We’ll work with you to define the purpose of your portfolio as a whole, helping to inform how you can leverage value across your organisation.
    • Using integrated campaigns that balance digital, above the line, experiential, staff incentives, customer loyalty and everything in between, you’ll deliver significant ROI.
  • With this clarity we’ll support (or lead) your negotiations to reshape, exit or enter the deals that deliver against your renewed vision.
  • Your team will be armed with practical tools, templates and frameworks to deliver ongoing success from your partnerships.
  • Our integrated approach will help you unlock maximum value from your investments, freeing up budget and strengthening the returns you derive from your portfolio.

Perfect for: brands with partnerships as a key pillar of your marketing mix, whose existing portfolio is underperforming.

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What clients say

Thank you to you all for your hard work throughout this project. It’s been a great success and we’re looking forward to making the portfolio even bigger and better.
You’ve made such an impact on our Strategic Partnership Team’s mindset and the way they approach these deals – and we’re only just beginning, thank you!