Negotiation Power Session

Learning to negotiate is an ongoing pursuit for all of us, HOWEVER there are times when you just want to be guided on the best way to approach a negotiation.

That’s usually when you face a deal that’s out of your comfort zone. When the stakes are high, it’s personal and you feel a bit stuck in your own head.

If you’re facing a high stakes negotiation but feel out of your depth, we can help. Stepping through our 3 part process we’ll craft a strategic plan that you’ll feel comfortable executing, because it’s been created especially for you.

Want advice to craft an approach that empowers you to negotiate with confidence – our Negotiation Power Session is for you!

What's included:

Our Negotiation Power Session is tailored to tackling a specific negotiation challenge you’re experiencing.

This one-on-one mentoring program is run by our CEO and Lead Negotiation Strategist, Sam Trattles.

The engagement is in 3 parts:

  1. Preparation: you’ll be invited to complete our Complex Negotiation Summary to ensure we make the most of our live strategy session. 
  2. Strategy Creation: A 90-minute strategy session with Sam via Zoom to build the strategy together (as outlined below).
  3. Action Plan: You’ll walk away with a clear action plan to execute aligned to your level of confidence, with specific tips and tactics based on who and what you’re negotiating.


Together we’ll build a tactical approach to the negotiation, by focusing on these areas, which will give you an edge in securing a great outcome (or to know when to walk away).


This program starts from $1,600 + GST. So, if you’re facing a complex negotiation and would like a mentor to work with you to create a plan for your approach to it, let’s get started…

Let's get started...

You probably have lots of questions, so let's catch up to talk it through:

Email us or click HERE to book a time that works.

What others say about working with Other Side

As an emerging charity we were used to chasing money, but it was hard work. Sam and the team has given us clarity on were to put our efforts.
We’re now clear on who we’re going after, for what, and the value we have to share, thank you!
The Other Side team have made a real impact that will put us in a better place for the future. The thinking today means the team can get on with delivering on the promises in our strategic plan.