On Demand Negotiation Support

Are you facing a critical negotiation you’re concerned about? Or, tired of the constant onslaught of decision making?

As a business leader you’re juggling countless challenges daily:

  • with others – staff, colleagues, suppliers, leaders, Board members, clients, and more.
  • around stuff – performance, deliverables, behaviours, budgets, contracts, pricing, value, and lots more.
  • for personal – with yourself, your family and friends.

In today’s tough market, with pressure to do more with less, make every dollar count, and managing the human realities of this – don’t you deserve some support?

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Our on demand support offers a fresh perspective on everyday negotiations, to ease your mental load, alleviate the pressure, and provide practical strategic advice to help  you navigate daily challenges.

What's involved

If you need a quick injection of strategic negotiation expertise – our on demand service can help you feel certain about the best approach, to ensure you have an objective view and have the confidence to secure the best possible outcome, in whatever situation you’re challenged by.

Depending on your needs we’re here to lighten your load, our support adapts to your needs:

This negotiator service is designed to support you in driving exceptional outcomes in the way you need it, without the commitment of a full-time hire. Get the expertise you need, precisely when you need it.

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What others say about this program

I was in the middle of a big negotiation and felt like I was being steam rolled and didn’t know what to do. I’m so grateful to be introduced to Sam who helped me take back control of the situation and lock in an outcome I’m VERY happy with.
Thanks to Sam I came out of the negotiating with more than double as much as I would have without her, AND greater confidence to do it again and again.
The lawyers had failed, the mediators had failed, but in working with Sam we got the deal done, amazing.

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