Hi {Name (First):60.3},

Thanks for completing our Negotiate Your Worth power animal profile. We know you’re busy so we’re going to jump straight into the power animal where you need to focus on the most to become a powerful business negotiator

Based on your responses, this animal is the {Kookaburra}

The Kookaburra

PATIENTLY unlocking the JOY

‘Laugh Kookaburra, Laugh Kookaburra’, ‘Merry, merry king of the bush is he’…what a wonderful thing to be known as. Their uplifting laugh makes Kookaburras appear to be able to find the joy in everything. It seems they look at the world and see the funny side to it.

Alas we may be underestimating our friend the Kookaburra. While their ability to make us laugh is a superpower in itself, another hidden power is their ‘sit and wait’ technique of hunting. They wait patiently for prey to pass by and then swoop down from their high perches to grab food and crush it in their strong beaks. They also have excellent vision which works hand-in-hand with the sit and wait technique.

…For you this means more success will come your way by being patient and purposefully enjoying the experience along the way. This will help you be more aware of what you can expect to happen and know when to swoop when an opportunity presents itself. Though, let’s leave the ‘crushing with your beak’ part strictly to the Kookaburra!

By the way, the power animal in which you have the greatest strength is the {Brushtail Possum}

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Negotiator Strengths Self-Assessment

Step 1 of 10

It’s time to identify where your negotiator strengths lie, and to discover where you should focus your energy to improve your business negotiation capabilities.

This self-assessment is about the negotiator you are today, not the one you want to be, so as you work your way through each statement, sit in it, take your time to reflect on your typical response and give it a true assessment rating. It may be challenging but be honest.

Assessment Scale

Read through each question then think about how much the behaviour or situation sounds like you.

Consider if this sounds: least like you; a bit like you; or like you most of the time – in most situations around and at the deals table.

Take your time, but don’t over think it.

Below each question select how you score it on this scale:


1 = Least2 = A Bit3 = Mostly