Negotiation Fundamentals Live Experience Learning

About the Negotiation Fundamentals Program

This 5-week program has been created to help you unlock your negotiation capability. This is a blended learning experience includes valuable live learning sessions, supported by short-form video content, worksheets and personal reflection time.

Explore your approach to negotiations and create a series of new experiences by arming yourself with tools and techniques that help you learn to love negotiating.

When you successfully complete the program, you’re ready to overcome common hurdles when negotiating and approach negotiation opportunities with confidence.

What you’ll learn

  • LEARN all about your negotiator profile, how it impacts your approach and practical ways to build your confidence in daily negotiations.

  • UNDERSTAND and implement A.P.E.C. – a unique and valuable framework that will guide you in conducting good negotiations every time.

  • SHARE learnings and experiences from others who face similar challenges via our live sessions.

Who is this program ideal for?

  • Those who find negotiating awkward and uncomfortable.

  • People who have never been ‘good’ at negotiating and have realised that you never learnt how to do it properly.

  • Senior managers who realise the more senior they climb in their career, the more they’re expected to influence significant outcomes for themselves, their teams, and organisations.

  • Those who know confidence in negotiating is non-negotiable for professional success.