They just didn’t get it!?!

Sometimes in a pitch there is a certain look that comes over a client’s face that you can’t quite put your finger on until the time when you sadly get the call to say that you didn’t win the pitch. That look, in hindsight, is one of confusion. Why didn’t they ‘get it’? Pitch teams often kick themselves after the presentation – it is all so clear where the problems or challenges with the pitch are once you’ve had some time rest and reflect.

So, why can’t you get this clarity before you pitch? Well, you can! You know those times when you nail it, when things aren’t frantic the day before the meeting, and when you don’t jump in the taxi with hot paper straight off the printer. You typically come out of these presentation saying to each other, well that was the best we could do, so if we don’t win the other teams had to have a better concept than us – and there’s not a lot you can do about that.

Maximising your preparation time comes down to processes and planning; it’s about focussing on what will really hit the spot with your client (personally to those in the room); and about taking your time to be clear about every minute of the presentation before you give it – not after it! The simplest articulation of what you are proposing is crucial – if I ‘get it’ you can add all the complexities in as we work through the project; if you try and tell me everything in the 1 hour session I will likely feel like I’ve been in a washing machine; rather than standing on a jumping castle getting excited ready to get started!

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