Go-to-Market Accelerator Program

Teams with a clear strategic direction out-performed their competitors by 70%!

This is particularly pertinent when driving revenues for your NFP, no matter if it’s a sports, arts or charitable organisation. But with so much to do every day, week and month how do you find the time to focus on this.

If you’re exhausted, trying to stay on top of all your operational tasks, AS WELL as driving growth through diversified revenues, it may be due to a lack of clarity on which revenues streams you will go after, and which ones you won’t.

We’ll work with you (and your team) to build a strategic approach to drive growth. Our approach is tailored based on your current strengths and areas of opportunity.

Each NFP is different, so this program has been developed suit your circumstances and stage of growth.

Our aim is to accelerate you and your team’s approach to growth, with clarity on the value you bring to the table, and where to focus your efforts over the short to mid term horizon. Giving you back that competitive advantage. 

What's included

Our Go-to-Market Accelerator Program is tailored to tackling your growth challenges. We’ll work collaboratively through the process over 12 weeks, implementing change along the way.

Working through our 5 step process to:

So, if you’re a CEO or Board Member of an NFP that’s looking for a more efficient go-to-market strategy, let’s talk.

Let's talk it through...

You probably have lots of questions, so let's catch up to talk it through:

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What others say about this program

As an emerging charity we were used to chasing money, but it was hard work. Sam and the team has given us clarity on were to put our efforts.
We’re now clear on who we’re going after, for what, and the value we have to share, thank you!
The Other Side team have made a real impact that will put us in a better place for the future. The thinking today means the team can get on with delivering on the promises in our strategic plan.