Great listeners are great negotiators

Great listeners are great negotiators

Every negotiation can be made smoother by making a conscious decision to listen more intently.

It’s important to enter a negotiation with clarity about what you want and why you’re entitled to it. But you may be overcomplicating these discussions by not consciously listening.

Here’s three ways to shift your approach:

1. Encourage the other person to lead – to talk through their position. Relax and listen to where your positions align and differ. Then, focus only on the differences.

2. Listen out for ‘patterns of behaviour’ – with people you negotiate with regularly, prepare what you’ll say to one of their ‘typical responses’.

3. Quiet the noise – if you’re struggling to think clearly, notice if people aren’t listening to each other. Pause, call time out, then reset the conversation.

These shifts can simplify your negotiations and help you get what you want with ease.