Improve your win rate, take a client out to lunch.

The good ole days of long, boozy lunches are well and truly over, sadly. But the reality is a quick sandwich or even a walking meeting can deliver great results.

Call a client on Monday and invite them for a quick catch up later in the week – that way it’s impromptu and they are less likely to cancel.

Use this time to help them brainstorm a problem they are struggling with, talk about something that is on the horizon they haven’t had headspace to consider, or discuss the economy/weather/whatnot.

The challenge is not to expect work off the back of it – play the long game, invest in your clients and your big targets. An investment of 40 minutes once every month or two will help keep the value you deliver top of mind.

With a complete lack of ‘spare’ time and constant demands to deliver, these types of meetings can be re-energising and are greatly appreciated from those on the other side of the table. Your perspective, expertise and advice can really change their day, and they will remember that when the time comes.

So, if – It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, Bain & Company – then a sandwich is a pretty good investment, right?


This article was originally published via Linked In : Improve your win rate, take a client out to lunch.